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White House Proclamation Coming Soon ?

The White House is expected to issue a proclamation within the next 2 weeks that will prohibit visa issuance and entry to the US for H-1b, L, and J visa holders for 120 days. There are expected to be some exceptions for certain types of workers. It is possible that L-1a holders and certain healthcare workers may be exempted but those are not confirmed yet.

We would encourage you to caution your employees from engaging in any international travel at this time as they may be stuck abroad. If you have workers that are abroad now waiting for visa appointments, visa issuance, or for travel to be permitted, the timing of their entry is expected to be delayed. In addition, we would encourage you to contact your governmental affairs dept or your Congressional or Administration contacts and urge them not to take these measures against legal immigration. We would also remind you that nothing is final until the proclamation has been issued and changes in what we have described above are possible.

In addition to the proclamation, the Administration has announced that they intend to issue a series of new regulations on a variety of topics including: wage levels, filing fees, joint employment, OPT STEM, OPT EAD cards, H-4 EAD, specialty occupation definition, and other measures designed specifically to counter Federal Court decisions that have been declaring many of their policies unlawful and unconstitutional. We expect the Administration to follow the Administrative Procedures Act and publish these changes so that there is an opportunity for notice and comment but that is not assured at this time. We will update you as further developments occur.

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STEM workers in the U.S.

Recently, the American Immigration Council, provided some data on the profile of STEM workers in the U.S. I assume that Stephen Miller and his ilk chose to ignore this type of data when they proposed the RAISE Act or more likely they consider this data “fake news”.