Recent USCIS and DOL Rules

On this day, when the legal immigration world should be celebrating an incoming President that, at the very least, will not be anti legal immigration, we are still reading and trying to understand the implications of the new rules announced in the past week. Here is a link to a great summary from our friend… Continue reading Recent USCIS and DOL Rules

USCIS Takes Another One to the Chin !

In a series of recent Federal Court decisions, rulings have been issued declaring that the USCIS at the direction of the Trump Administration have been illegally denying H-1b visas on grounds that have no legal or factual basis. A nice summary of these cases can be found in this recent Forbes article. The article, written… Continue reading USCIS Takes Another One to the Chin !

USCIS and the H-1b visa

In a question that can only be described as rhetorical for anyone that has been following the actions of the USCIS under the Trump Administration, a Federal Court Judge is exploring whether the attacks on the H-1b visa are without merit and done intentionally to undermine Congressionally enacted statutes, properly enacted regulations and long-standing Agency… Continue reading USCIS and the H-1b visa