Combating Candidate Fraud

TechServe Alliance will be hosting a webinar on Thurs. Feb 16th discussing the topic of Candidate and Credentials Fraud and HNM partner, Mike Hammond will be the moderator. Register here.

TechServe Executive Summit

Mike Hammond and Anthony Zarate will be attending the TechServe Executive Summit Nov 7th-9th. Mike will be speaking on Wed on a panel “Legal and Tax Compliance in a Work-from-Anywhere-World”. Mike will also be moderating a panel on Tues “Combating Candidate and Credentials Fraud in Tech Hiring” Anthony will be presenting a roundtable on employing… Continue reading TechServe Executive Summit

TechServe Alliance Executive Summit

Hammond Neal Moore partner Mike Hammond will be attending and speaking at the TechServe Alliance Executive Summit this week. He will be discussing changes to the immigration landscape and be part of a legal panel discussing “Avoiding Legal Minefields in a Work From Anywhere Environment” If you are attending, make sure you connect with him.

TechServe Lobby Day

Our Senior partner, Mike Hammond spent 2 days in Wash DC this week with TechServe Alliance providing Congressional briefings and meeting with Congressional staff members to advocate for fair treatment of staffing and solution firms in any business immigration legislation that may be considered and updating them as to the current crisis being created by… Continue reading TechServe Lobby Day

TechServe Webinar

Senior partner, Mike Hammond will be a speaker at the TechServe Alliance webinar discussing H-1b visas. The webinar will focus on issues facing IT and Engineering staffing/solutions firms.

Cadence Moore Speaks at TechServe Annual

Cadence Moore, one of HLG’s senior attorneys was a speaker at the TechServe Alliance annual conference. She was part of a legal panel discussing current legal trends, potential legislation, and how the political climate is impacting IT and engineering staffing firms.

TechServe Alliance Defends the H-1b visa

In the face of recent attacks, which have portrayed the H-1b visa as a blight on the highly skilled but, unable to find employment U.S. worker; Mark Roberts, CEO of TechServe Alliance pens a well thought out article which describes the need for access to talented workers, defends the proper use of the H-1b visa,… Continue reading TechServe Alliance Defends the H-1b visa

Senate working on CIR bill

The Senate Judiciary Committee spent several days last week discussing the almost 300 amendments proposed by committee members. Many of the moreĀ anti-business and anti-H-1b amendments proposed by Sens. Grassley and Durbin were defeated however, several measures did pass. TechServe Alliance has posted a brief summary. Advocacy, education, and lobbying continues to be needed to protect… Continue reading Senate working on CIR bill