Chats with Charlie-Visa Bulletin

If you are impacted by the Visa Bulletin issued each month and are curious about the movement of dates forward and backward (retrogression) and are not listening to the monthly youtube live streaming event hosted by the Department of State, I encourage you to start listening. Here is a link to the event held last… Continue reading Chats with Charlie-Visa Bulletin

Confused by the Visa Bulletin ?

Ever wonder how the priority date cut-offs are established each month and been curious how the priority dates can fluctuate so drastically as if they are mere sailboats adrift in the wind ? You are not alone. Recently, a Federal Court of Appeals raised serious questions about Department of State procedures used to establish the… Continue reading Confused by the Visa Bulletin ?

Notes on Priority Date Movement

A few weeks ago, Charlie Oppenheim, from the Visa Office at the Department of State met with several AILA representatives including super lawyer and friend Michael Nowlan and discussed visa demand, retrogression, and priority date movement for the balance of FY 2013.  In summary, it was a somber meeting with lots of bad news for… Continue reading Notes on Priority Date Movement

DOS making sausage !

Last week, the DOS released some updated information on exactly how it arrives at the cut-off dates used in the monthly visa bulletin.  The DOS has several useful tools that help to explain the priority date system. The intricacies of the numerical system and all of the moving parts is somewhat akin to making sausage;  a bit… Continue reading DOS making sausage !

DOS releases August Visa Bulletin

Earlier this week, the DOS released the August Visa Bulletin. Once again, it showed steady but slow movement forward.  They also released their determinations regarding overall preference and per-country allocations setting the worldwide family limit at 226,000, the world-wide employment limit at 140,000 and the per country limit at 25,620.

July Visa Bulletin Released

The DOS released the July Visa bulletin today and it contained good news for India and PRC EB2 holders as the dates jumped forward almost 5 months, to March 8,2007. Other categories and countries of chargeability were not as lucky as dates continue to move forward but, at a snail-like pace.

May Visa Bulletin released

The Department of State released the May visa bulletin and as promised, there was some forward movement in all categories including India EB2. Also included in the bulletin were predictions of future movement and an interesting (if you are an immigration attorney, an Indian national in the EB2 category or simply crazy about numbers) explanation on… Continue reading May Visa Bulletin released

Good news for Indian EB2 !

The Department of State has advised AILA that due to a lack of demand for the EB1 category, there will be a trickle down effect that will positively impact the Indian EB2 category and move dates forward. They estimate that an additonal 12,000 visas will be available to the Indian EB2 category. This is great… Continue reading Good news for Indian EB2 !