USCIS to promote consistent adjudication of petitions ?

Effective Jan 22,2013, the USCIS will begin implementing a new policy manual designed to create consistency among its adjudicators in different field offices and service centers. What a novel concept ? Of course, anyone that believes the introduction of a new policy manual will stop the service centers, particularly the California Service Center from simply… Continue reading USCIS to promote consistent adjudication of petitions ?

Staffing Cos. score victory !

This week, the USCIS released revised FAQ’s clarifying portions of the Jan 2010 Neufeld memo. ┬áThe original Neufeld memo declared that staffing cos. engaging in staff augmentation were not employers as that term was going to be interpreted by the USCIS. After a significant amount of lobbying by various business and legal groups, most notably… Continue reading Staffing Cos. score victory !